XXI Mänttä Art Festival Appoints Anssi Kasitonni As A New Curator

Anssi Kasitonni is curating the XXI Mänttä Art Festival. (Photo: Elissa Määttänen.)

Mänttä Art Festival is delighted to announce that it has appointed Anssi Kasitonni (born 1978) as the new curator for the 2016 exhibition. Finnish visual artist, film-maker and musician Kasitonni is a familiar sight at Mänttä Art Festival. He participated in the festival as an artist in 2003 and 2011. In the 2003 exhibition the public voted his work Kaikenlaistahan sitä voi rakennella as their favourite.

Anssi Kasitonni works with a wide spectrum of techniques and materials, spanning from drawings and paintings to sculputures and shortfilms. His humorous art is often inspired by pop-culture; especially 1980's cinema and TV. In a parallel universe created by Kasitonni, characters like Darth Vader, Conan the Barbarian, Garfield, Alf and Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. go on living lives of their own. There luxurious cars made of carrogated cardboard are shining, a cloudlet is driving a motorcycle like a boss and a guinea-pig wishing to escape from his cage turns into a bodybuilder. Under the hilarious surface lie big questions about morality, mortality, love and sexuality.

In 2011 Anssi Kasitonni won the Ars Fennica prize, the highest prize for visual arts in Finland.


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