XXV Mänttä Art Festival from 13 June to 31 August 2021

Exhibition 2019


The Exhibition will be postponed until the year 2021

Mänttä Art Festival, will be postponing this year’s exhibition until the year 2021. This year’s exhibition curator, the artists and the theme will remain, to create the exhibition in 2021. – The exhibition organisers have decided to make what seems to be the only logical choice at this time. The safety of our artists, staff and exhibition visitors, is our primary concern. Explains the festival’s director Tiina Nyrhinen.

– The Corona virus epidemic has disrupted the exhibition preparations this whole spring. Many artists have not been able to work, and mobility has been difficult or even impossible for some. In addition everyone is generally concerned and preoccupied about the the well being and futures of their friends and family. We are all in this together. We would like to provide the curator, Anna Ruth and all the artists with the opportunity to hold a full-fledged cultural event next year, continues Nyrhinen. The new dates for the festival are currently set for June13th, until August 31st, 2021. Read the press release!

Press releases

Press Photos

Curator Anna Ruth

Photos by: Riikka Vaahtera

  • Anna Ruth press photo 1.
  • Anna Ruth press photo 2.
  • Anna Ruth press photo 3.
  • Anna Ruth press photo 4.

Pekilo Exhibition Centre

Photos of Pekilo Exhibition Centre in Mänttä. Photos by Timo Nieminen.

  • Yleiskuva Pekilosta 1.
  • Yleiskuva Pekilosta 2.
  • Yleiskuva Pekilosta 3.
  • Yleiskuva Pekilosta 4.
  • Yleiskuva Pekilosta 5.

Mänttä Art Festival XTRA

  • Mänttä Art Festival XTRA